Our Princesses would love to bring some magic to your little ones day! Tap the photos to see them up close!

Ice Queen
This icy royal will melt your heart at your next event!

*Also available in her Ice Gown, New Movie Attire, Spring Attire, Winter Adventure Attire and her Spirit Gown!*
Snow Princess
The Snow Princess gives the best warm hugs! She would love to share them with all her new friends!

*Also available in her Travel Attire, New Movie Attire, Winter Adventure Attire, Coronation Gown, Spring Attire and her Queen Gown!*
Rapunzel would be so glad to leave her tower to make a special visit to your little ones party!
Wayfinder Princess
The Wayfinder Princess would love to voyage to your little ones next party!
The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid would love to shellebrate with you!

*Also available in her Town Dress, Pink Dinner gown and her fin (Events only)*
Cinderella would love to meet your little royal on their special day! Just as long as she's home before midnight!
Snow White
Always a classic! Snow White and her kind heart and warm smile would love to bring a little magic to your party!
Beauty would love to be your guest at your next party!

*Also available in her Village Dress and Holiday Gown!*
Arabian Princess
The Arabian Princess is sassy and ready to fly in on a magic carpet for your next party!
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty will gladly wake up from her nap to visit your little one on their special day!
First Princess
The First Princess, while still learning what being royal is all about, would love to share what she's learned with your little royal!
Latina Princess
The Latina Princess is almost ready to rule!

*Also available in her traveling gown!*
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