Other Characters
Not looking for a Princess? Check out our other enchanting friends instead! You can also book one of our Royal Duos for twice the magic!
Mermaid Leolani
Meet Mermaid Leolani! She's sure to make a splash! Her tail is completely custom made and designed by our team so it is one of a kind! It has been sculpted, painted and detailed all by hand by a team of specialists who have done work on shows such as "Siren" on Freeform! When guests feel her tail, it was truly feel like real scales! Leolani is completely able to swim for or with your guests!
Malevolent Teen
Rotten to the core! Our Malevolent teen is a wicked addition to any party! Add the Evil Teen for twice the fun!
Evil Teen
Our Evil Teen is chillin like villains waiting to crash your next party! Add the Malevolent Teen for twice the fun!
Fashion Doll
Our Fashion Doll would love to step out of the toy box to celebrate with you!

*Also available in her pink dress!*
Unicorn Princess Primrose
An Original Character here at Royal Events, Unicorn Princess Primrose is the perfect touch to your next unicorn party!
Tinker Fairy
Our Tinker Fairy is the perfect way to add a touch of pixie dust to your party!
Royal Ice Harvester
The Royal Ice Harvester is a great add on to any party! He can be booked alone or with the Winter Sisters!
Candy Racer
Our Candy Racer would love to speed on over to your next party and make it just a little sweeter!
Spider Hero
Our Spider Hero would love to swing into your special day!
This super heroine would love to hang out with your little supers for their next birthday!
Miles would love to visit your multiverse for your next party!
Panther Hero
Our Panther Hero is the perfect addition to your super party!
American Hero
Our American Hero is a super addition to any party!
Arabian Prince
The Arabian Prince would love to visit your little Prince or Princess on their special day! He can fly over on the magic carpet by himself or with his Princess!

*Also available in his Street Rat outfit!*
Ruffian Prince
Living out his new dream, our Ruffian Prince would love to charm your guests at your party! Invite Rapunzel for double the magic!
Space Scavenger
Our Space Scavenger would love to venture to your home planet for a celebration!
Space Knight
Our Space Knight is a perfect addition to make any party out of this world!
This young explorer would love to help celebrate your birthday! Or your unbirthday!
Nanny Mary
Practically perfect in every way, Mary would love to attend your next party or event!
Dorothy would love to head down to yellow brick road to your party! đŸ’™
Video Game Princess
Let's go! Our Video Game Princess would be super excited to make your day pixel perfect!
Bo Peep
This shepherdess will gladly leave her flock in the toy box to come visit your party!
Fairy Calluna
Our Original Fairy Calluna would love to fly on over to your party! Invite her alongside Princess Primrose for double the magic!
Nightmare Couple
Our Pumpkin King and the Ragdoll make a frightfully fun pair! We are the only company in New York to offer both of these characters so make sure to book them either separately or together to add some spook to your party!
Winter Sisters
The Witch Sisters will make you believe their story is more than just a bunch of hocus pocus! They are the perfect touch to any spooky celebration!
Mistress of Evil
This evil fairy is the perfect addition to your next spooky event! Plus if you don't invite her, she might put a curse on you...
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